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Last update : 20.01.2022



How to register ?

By selecting the blue button “Login” on this page : register.eurogym2022.ch

Who can register?

Registration to EUROGYM / EGFL can only be done through your national federation of gymnastics.

When can we register?

Registrations both for EGFL and EUROGYM are open until March 15th, 2022, 23h59 (Swiss time).

So, for the ones who have not registered yet, or the ones who would like to add more teams, it is still time to register until March 15th, 2022!

For the ones already registered and ready to celebrate gymnastics in Neuchâtel next July, please finalise your registrations from February 1st to March 15th with all needed information.

Full payment of the 90% balance and all extra costs are due by March 15th, 2022. Invoices can be downloaded from the registration platform.

Should unfortunately the event be cancelled by March 15th, 2022, a full reimbursement would be granted.

How can we get the invoice?

You can download the invoice which will be automatically established once the payment of 10% of the registration fee is made.

When is the definitive registration deadline?

Definitive registration deadline with full payment is March 15th, 2022.

What is the age accepted?

Age considered is age in 2022 (Jan-Dec).

EUROGYM gymnasts should be between 12 and 18 years old; but it is allowed to register 10% of under-aged gymnasts of 10 and/or 11 years old and/or older gymnasts (19 and/or 20 years old). Exceptions are not allowed, neither are participants below 10 years and/or above 20 years old.

See table :

Is the 10% rule considered by team or by nation?

The 10% rule applies per team and not across the entire delegation. (Art. 7.4 EUROGYM Regulations).

Can exceptions be made about the age?

No exceptions can be made regarding the age of gymnasts for registration, all groups most respect the registration details included in the Bulletins. Age and numbers will be checked.

Is/are the extra participant/s (younger or older) added to the count or included in the total?

The number of participants allowed that are younger and/or older are included in the count. For example, you can have 15 gymnasts in total which includes the exception by age, so 14+1.

How many coaches per group are allowed?

A minimum of 2 coaches per group is needed, there is no upper limit. But none of the coaches can take part in the performance.

Is there an upper age limit for EGFL?

No, there is no upper age limit for EGFL participation

What kind of disciplines are accepted for EGFL?

Groups which incorporate all kinds of gymnastics movement and gymnastics disciplines are welcome and can register for EGFL. The registrations are not limited to groups which only use ART, TRA, AER or ACRO elements.


What is the deadline for Gala application?

The deadline for the Gala application is March 15th, 2022, 23:59 CET (Swiss time).

How can we apply for the Gala?

The application forms should be sent to European Gymnastics’ sports coordinator, Claire TURNER to cturner@europeangymnastics.com using the application form no later than Tuesday, March 15th, 2022, 23:59 CET (Swiss time). Any application received past this deadline or not using the official form will not be accepted.

The maximum duration of one Gala-performance is 3 minutes. In order to be withheld, each performance will be evaluated by the TC-GfA according to the following criteria:
• Entertainment value and overall impression
• Innovation, originality
• Technique, quality and safety
• Variety, diversity


Who arranges the travel?

Travel is organised and paid for by the participants.

What about transfer from/to the airport?

If you travel by airplane, the LOC will organise train tickets for your group, from airport to Neuchâtel and from Neuchâtel back to airport. The costs will be added to the final bill. More details yet to come.

How much is transfer?

Costs depend on the trip and the age of the travellers. The amount will be charged on the final registration bill. Prices are indicated in EURO/CHF by person, for groups over 10 people. Indicative prices.

Will we have to pay for buses in Neuchâtel?

Bus fare between the sites and to the accommodation is included in the accreditation card for EUROGYM participants.

Accommodation in schools

Where will we stay?

Accommodation will be in schools. Schools will be allocated to nations once all registrations are in. In principle, groups of same nations will be together, as much as possible, depending on the size of the groups and the space available in schools for instance. > More information

Why some additional costs may apply?

Depending on the travel distance, and as not all participants need to arrive early or leave late, some dates are not included in the registration fee. Therefore, supplement for meals and/or accommodation may apply. Please refer to the table below:

Can we rent or buy mattresses and blankets?

Upon final registration before 15th March 2022, you will be able to opt to buy mattresses and blankets, for you to keep after the event.

The costs will be charged in the final bill.

What is the cost to buy a mattress and/or a blanket?

Mattress: 35 EURO/CHF a piece

Blanket: 20 EURO/CHF a piece

Will there be vegetarian or specific diet meals?

Upon final registration, participants must indicate any allergies or specific diet. All will be done to try to meet these needs.

What are the details of the blanket?

The blanket is in fleece material, with hot-stamped EUROGYM logo

Dimensions 150 X 200 cm

What are the details of the mattress?

The versatile Bestway Floc Twin inflatable bed is suitable for sleeping indoors and outdoors. The sleeping surface of this bed is comfortably flocked. It has an integrated cushion that allows a relaxed sleeping position. This inflatable bed has three-part safety valves for quick and easy inflation and deflation. A foot pump is also included.

Mattress dimensions : 188 cm x 99 cm x 28 cm


Hotels for Heads of Delegations are to be booked and paid for by the federations, among for example the selection of hotels presented by the Local Organising Committee (LOC). A number of rooms have been pre-booked for this purpose in hotels indicated in a separate communication. Hotel reservations do not go through the LOC, but we will be happy to help on this matter if you have questions. > More information

Health / Covid

As the health situation is constantly changing, it is impossible to define Covid measures now for an event taking place in July 2022. European Gymnastics and the LOC, in coordination with the local health authorities, will create “Covid guidelines” in due time. These will be published about 6 weeks before the event.

Will tests be provided on site ?

Should tests be necessary in July, tests centers will be provided on site.

In case Covid tests are needed in July, who pays for them ?

Tests will be at the costs of the participants.

What about the 10% rule in case of Covid/quarantine during EUROGYM?

The figures of the latest registration will be taken into account. If participants get Covid while coming to Switzerland or during the event, it won’t impact the rest of the group in terms of number of participants (% of younger/older) allowed. So even if one of the 10% rule gymnasts is tested positive, the whole group will be allowed to participate.

city Performances

How long can the city performance be on EUROGYM?

Each city performance must not last longer than 6 minutes (including preparation of the venue and marching in and out). The groups will have the opportunity to check out the stage before the start of the city performances (size, layout, equipment, etc.). 

Can teams from a same nation perform one after the other?

Teams/groups form the same club cannot be placed one after the other, as this would be contrary to the basic principle that each group has 6 minutes.

How long can the performance be on EGFL?

The groups present a city performance of a maximum of three minutes, including entering and exiting the stage. If large apparatus are used, the group may use 1 minute for placing and removing the equipment. This minute is to be without music and is used ONLY for moving the equipment/apparatus. It is not considered part of the city performance.

What about the music?

The music has to be delivered to the organisers two months in advance in order to be checked for quality and duration.


Each participant must have a medical care and repatriation insurance at registration or must take out one with the LOC.

That is all participants need an insurance covering sickness and accident abroad (in Switzerland), as well as repatriation. This will be checked upon final registration to be allowed to take part in the event.

FOR Public

EGFL : July 9, La Riveraine

The European Gym For Life challenge (EGFL) is an opportunity given to the European groups to participate in a challenge in order to get their programme evaluated by a panel of experts.

Come and enjoy the performances of the only competitive session of the week.

It’s free and open to the public.

Swiss Parkour Series : July 9, La Riveraine

Come and vibrate watching Parkour tracers in action. It’s fun. It’s free.

Opening Ceremony : July 10, 2022

Where can I buy tickets for the opening Ceremony?

The entrance to watch the Opening Ceremony is free. The Maladière stadium has 10’000 seats.

No need to reserve a seat. First come forst serve. Just come and enjoy the show!

Eurogym City performances : July 11, 12, 13


Come and enjoy watching outdoor city performances taking place on several stages in the center of Neuchâtel!

It is free!

Gala / Closing ceremony July 14, 2022

One representation is planned to welcome as many people as possible.

For more information : Download the poster in PDF


European Gym for Life Challenge

European Gymnastics